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How to connect internet from android phone to computer

Any Smartphone you own, the best way to exploit it is by integrating it with Internet. That’s an access to rest of the features and applications. The mobiles based on android platform show a good connectivity for WAP, EDGE or any 3G service available from service provider. But the issue which seems often with android phone users is connecting the device with computer. I have observed it in many mobiles I am aware of like my own i.e. Samsung Galaxy Spica. It was a bit complex thing to achieve past few months but few good developers have created an interface application to tether internet connection from service provider with computer.

The reason behind troubles with internet connectivity is unsupported feature from firmware or experimental/ beta firmware platform. So we needed to create a localhost TCP in between mobile phone and computer. The command was accessible through Android SDK.
localhost tcp:forward tcp:1080

Nowadays we have only two well developed applications available from android market:

It is the best between two with an integrated SMS agent. The connectivity is also better than EasyTether. The only disadvantage in this application is that you cannot access HTTPS pages without buying full version.

It is the only alternative from Android Market. It is also a good application but connection drop is a frequent glitch. The pro of EasyTether is that it allows accessing all features including HTTPS pages in its trial version. But that is limited to a certain time period. I guess for some 50days. Then you need to buy full version.

For both the above applications, you need to have two interfaces; one for mobile phone which is easily available from Android Market and another for computer that you need to download from the respective official websites. Click on the Application to download it.



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