One of the main disadvantage of Droid Incredible its poor battery life. Many users has reported the battery of Droid Incredible drains off from 100% to 85% within minutes, even if it is in idle mode. Here is the method for increasing battery life of droid incredible for both rooted and for all users:

Method 1 (STOCK or ROOT)
  • Charge your battery like you normally do
  • When you see the green light unplug the phone and power it off
  • Plug it back up (you should see the orange light again for a while)
  • When the light turns green again, then you are fully charged.
Method 2 (ROOT ONLY)
  • Charge your phone fully (don’t just go by the orange light turning green check your battery under settings>about phone>>battery).
  • Reboot in Recovery and get adb shell running.
  • Once you have adb shell (#) running type in the following commands:
mount -a rm /data/system/batterystats.bin
  • Reboot the phone immediately after running the commands.
  • When your phone reboots disconnect your cable and DO NOT CHARGE until the battery dies (the phone will shut off).
  • When the battery dies out charge the phone like you normally would.