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Unlock your iPhone 4 without jailbreak

Cut Your Sim is now offering an unlocking service to anyone who owns an iPhone 3G, 3GS, or iPhone 4. Unfortunately for Verizon customers seeking an unlock, this service only applies to the GSM models. But, if you CDMA iPhone wielders were unhappy at that, then at least the price should make you smile a little – $169.
For just shy of $170 the Indiana-based company will carrier unlock your iPhone. But here’s the great thing – you will NOT lose your warranty. The unlock is is completely legal, it requires no jailbreak, or any software changes of any kind. On the site the company explains the simple procedure:
  1. Type in your iPhone’s IMEI number in the IMEI# section.  You can get this number from the phone by dialing *#06# please do not get the IMEI number from the box.
  2. Once payment is received, we will email you when the phone is ready, and unlocked. (This can take 2-5 days, or less)  You will not need to enter any codes, your IMEI# will be added to Apple’s whitelist and will be unlocked forever.
  3. Once unlock is complete, we will notify you.  All you have to do then is, connect your iPhone with any Sim Card to iTunes.  This will then activate and unlock your phone.
You don’t have to send the phone away anywhere, it’s done remotely. If you have an iPhone, and have the cash to spare, it’s certainly worth it. If it sounds a bit suspicious like it shouldn’t be possible, let me confirm that it is. Over here in the UK when O2 lost the exclusivity, the carrier started offering free unlocks to all iPhone users. They used the same procedure, I filled in a form online with my IMEI number, and a few days later it was unlocked. A message appears on your screen, you put in any carrier’s SIM and plug it in to iTunes. It’s really as simple as that. This could be really handy if you travel abroad frequently, or if you prefer to use T-mobile.
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