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Trace sender of an EMAIL

Many times you get fake emails and wanna know about the person who send you this email. It possible to find out origin of the EMAIL. The only thing you need to know is how to get email message header. Just copy the message header and paste it to the tracker system. And it will give you the location of the email sender's IP address.

For more advance feature, you can try a tool name emailtracker pro which helps you to identify the true source of emails to help track suspects. This is tool is not a free product.  You have to buy it from it's developer.
go to it's developer

But here is a promotional offer that gives you the full version license key of one of the older version of EMailTrackerPro free.
from rapidshare

Get EMailTrackerPro license key:
Go to this promotional page and enter you email address. Full version serial of EMailTrackerPro 2008 will be then sent to the submitted email. Download EMailTrackerPro and install the key provided.
after installing this software you can monitor your emails with the help of and easy gui interface..




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