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Google+ Set to Cross 20mn Users This Weekend

According an estimate, based on the analysis on data about surname popularity from the US Census Bureau, there is one US user for every 2.12 non-US users, and Google + is now 10 million strong.

BANGALORE, INDIA: Google+, the new social media venture from Google, may have already crossed the 10 million user mark, according to an analysis by Paul Allen, founder of, a genealogy website.

Estimates have also put that Google+ is on track for 20 million by this weekend, said media reports citing his study.

According to his estimates, based on the analysis on data about surname popularity from the US Census Bureau, “ The social networking service has seen a 30 per cent jump in growth and 2.2 million people could have joined in the last 35 hours alone” he said on July 4.

Considering that momentum, it could have already touched the million mark and by this weekend it could achieve the 20 million user mark, as per his estimates.

“My model is simple. I start with US Census Bureau data about surname popularity in the U.S., and compare it to the number of Google+ users with each surname,” he said about the methodology, which he claimed to have 99 per cent accuracy level.

“I split the U.S. users from the non-U.S. users. By using a sample of 100-200 surnames, I am able to accurately estimate the total percentage of the U.S. population that has signed up for Google+. Then I use that number and a calculated ratio of U.S. to non-U.S. users to generate my worldwide estimates,” he added.

He said the ratio is 1 US user for every 2.12 non-US users and that ratio was calculated on July 4.

Google is yet to release any official figures for the service.



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