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Download Google Maps for Offline Viewing in Android

How to Download Google Maps for Offline Viewing in Android

Google Maps 5.7 for Android now includes a very useful new feature. It lets you download maps to your android phone for offline viewing or when you go out of coverage area. The feature is still in ‘Labs’ of Google Maps Android app.
Currently, it lets you download maps up to 10 mile radius around the area you choose. You can select a multiple area and download the maps, eventually downloading entire city. Here is how you can do it.
1. To begin with, download the latest version of Google Maps for Android app from Android Market. If you already have it installed, just make sure you have updated it to the version 5.7.Google_Maps
2. Launch Google Maps and hit the menu key and tap on “More”.
Google_Maps_Offline_Download (1)
3. Tap “Labs” > “Download map area”.
Google_Maps_Offline_Download (2) Google_Maps_Offline_Download (3)
4. Now come back to Maps and long press on an area which you want to download and then tap on the arrow that pops up. Then select “Download map area”.
Offline_Download_Google_Maps (1) Offline_Download_Google_Maps (2)
5. Google Maps will now download 10 mile radius data on to the phone. After the download is complete, the app will show you the area that was downloaded to the device.
Google_Maps_Offline_Download (5) Offline_Download_Google_Maps (3)
In the similar way, you can select any number of areas and download the map data. This means you can easily download your entire city map in few minutes for offline viewing. Enjoy!



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