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Create Your Personalized Android Avatar Using Google Androidify App

Androidify Android
Android OS and enthusiasts are blessed with a beautiful parrot green mascot which truly represents the Android culture. This globally recognised bot is used by Google everywhere to represent Android OS and its liveliness. Now Google is moving a step forward to give it a personal touch and wants to it live in your virtual world too. Now you can create an Androidavatar with your own features using this new Google Android app.
Androidify is an official  free app from Google Inc. that lets you create personalized Androidavatars. The app includes all elements required for creating a full featured avatar. You can select face and body features to personalize according to the person standing in front of you or can assign your friend to make one for you. Once after creating and saving you can share it with friends on Twitter, Facebook or even upload it to Google’s own Picasa service.
As Androidify app is Google’s own  Android app who knows in future we might even see real-time personalized avatar feature. Then you would be able to create a persons avatar using phone camera. Only time will tell.

Watch video of Androidify app in action :

Download Androidify Android App from marketplace



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