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The Best iphone apps for finding WEP & WPA wifi passwords

WEP & WPA wifi passwords


Did you know you can use your iphone or ipod touch to find the password to WiFi routers with these free apps?

One of the many features of the iphone is that it can connect to the internet via the mobile phone network and wirelessly through any wifi network.

Due to it's wifi capability it can also be used to find the password to wifi networks and connect to them.

In this lens I will list the best wifi apps available for the iphone and some also work with the Apple ipod touch.

These apps are designed for testing the security of your wireless network and should not be used illegally gain free internet access.

All the apps are only available through Cydia and not in the Apps Store. You iphone must be jailbroken to use these apps.

Some are free and some you need to pay for, the price is around 5 Euros which is about $7

I believe there are 'cracked' (free) versions of the paid for apps but if you pay for them the developers will be able to continue making great apps like these.

Although some apps are priced in Euros they will work on routers worldwide.



Extra Technical Details

This bit is for people with some experience in WiFi security and may contain information you do not understand but it does not matter and you can skip it and scroll down to the juicy stuff!

Many people will be skeptical about the capabilities of these apps and I have seen many dismissive forum posts about them!

It is true that 'hacking' or 'cracking' a wifi network is usually done with a program like aircrack on a linux operating system by putting your wireless card into monitor mode and using packet injection both of which are not possible on the iphone.

However these apps work by finding the default wifi password as long as it has not been changed. The router creates a password using an algorithm derived from the network ESSID.

This means that both WEP and WPA/WPA2 passwords can be found within seconds! It can find WPA/WPA2 passwords which would be impossible to find using any other hacking/cracking software. I have even found the password to a network on a bus when it stops at a bus stop to pick people up!!

If your still not convinced then try one of the free ones and see for yourself!

#1 Iwep Pro

The best one around. Just scan for wifi networks and it will show you the networks that the password can be found. It will try all the possible passwords until it finds the right one!

You need to add this source code to Cydia first (Open Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add) You then need to search for iwep Pro and download and install it.

You will also need to download the 'dictionaries' to make it work from cydia which add up to about 400MB so best you use a free wifi network at your local starbucks!

#2 ISpeedTouched

Simliar to iwepPro above you need to tap each network to see if there is a password available (See picture)

If there is just tap to connect to the network!

You will also need to download the rainbow table which is about 100MB via the app, look for the 'Tables' button when the app is open.

#3 speedssid

Created by the same person as iwep pro this app works slightly differently. You type in the details of the network to find possiable passwords. This can be useful as it can be used on networks out of range of the iphone. If you have a high power antenna on your PC/laptop you could use this app to find the password to networks within a hugh radius.

#4 WLAN Audit

Simliar to the apps above it will find the password to some wifi networks, however seems to only find the password to a limited number of routers.


#5 dlssid

Another one from the makers of iwep pro comes dlssid which finds the password to most Dlink wireless routers.

I have put this towards the bottom of my list as it has never worked for me, the app opens and closes immediately.

However I believe this is due to a fault with my iphone as I have see alot of good reports about it online.

You need to enter the MAC address of the network, to find this you can use another free Cydia app such as WiFi Analyzer, StumblerPlus, Network Finder or WiFiForFum


#6 iWPA Finder

This app finds the password to 'Alice' & 'Fastweb' routers which seem to be common in mediterranean Europe.

Again you need to enter the router's SSID

There are a few similar apps around available on Cydia and Installous which do the same job.

#7 dessid: WiFi Decryptor

This app will help you find the default WEP/WPA key to 'Eircom' routers which are found in Ireland.

Once again you need to enter the network SSI



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